The long awaited Return of the Assassin

Written on: September 10, 2012

Years ago on a cold thunderous rainy night in 1998 I sat looking out into the nights darkness from my studio window and from that darkness killers in the form of words and verses emerged and "Recycled Assassins" was born just as killers are born all over the world know only one thing in life and that is how to kill. Killers before them either get killed themselves or locked up and very few retire. Those that do retire try to make good in their last days and want to stop the youth from killing, but by then it's too late...These young killers at this point so set in their ways will merk the old just for getting in the way... Killers with no remorse... Killers recycled from the ones before them... Hence... "Recycled Assassins"...

In the year 2012 nothing but the size of the caliber and elevated psyche of these new breed of killers has changed. Death is still emanate...Scopes still capture images in their last moments... The city still weeps... The saga continues and the story must be told by the only one who can narrate from a serial killers prospective and because of that he rises from the ashes to warn mankind as he did 14 years ago with two 16's of fire and brimstone from the long awaited...

           Return of the Assassin...


                                (click on pic to be assassinated)

           Montage One 1063OGX album feat:

                        Alchemist | Aloe Blacc

            Daily Meds | DirtyDiggs | DJ Babu

             DJ Flash | DJ Revolution | E-Swift

         Evidence | Exile | Foreign Exchange

             Guilty Simpson | J-Ro | Jake One

                  JListed | Khrysis | Killa Kali

                Killer Ben | Krondon | MadLib

               MasterKraftsmen | Mark noxx

                 Med | Oh no | Phil The Agony

                        Planet Asia | Ras Kass

            Styliztik Jones | TriState | Unjust

                     Album goes Live on 9/25

                              (click here to be assassinated)

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